POV-Ray Stuff

Here are some of my current articles about working with POV-Ray and improving old scenes to be much richer and detailed than they originally were. As I wrap up one article, I will move on to the next.

Hopefully, for those of you in the POV-Ray community, this will inspire you to dig around at your old scenes and give it a try to make that one you weren't totally happy with and make it a masterpiece.

POV-Ray is an excellent freeware raytracer. What sets POV-Ray apart from other freeware renderers is it produces very high quality images. I have been using it since it was version 0.9 beta. For some POV-Ray can be a bit difficult to use primarily becuase it is not a modelling package. Scenes are described using a simple programming language to describe and define the shapes and textures that POV-Ray can render. It is very versitile and your imagination is truely the limit to it's capabilities. The windows version comes with a syntax highlighting text editor and the language is very well documented. The documentation comes with a very extensive tutorial to get you started on creating your own scenes.

  • Article 1: Waxing Nostalgia (Updated: 1/1/2004) — Reworking a scene I created back in 1995 for the Internet Raytracing Competition (Actually, the predecessor to the IRTC).